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Sound off for Dec. 21

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If I acted like some of our BOE members do, I would not want to be videotaped either. The public would find out about all those members with their own personal agendas who don’t care at all about the students of Liberty County. What a shame!

As a longtime resident of Liberty County it is shocking that we are opening up two new Wal-Marts yet had to shut down an elementary school and overload others due to funding! All the mom-and-pop stores are almost extinct.  

Coastal Courier, can you please interview the five BOE members that voted against videotaping their meetings and share their reasons with the voting public? It really looks like they are trying to hide what they say and do. I think a recall of some BOE members is in order.
Editor’s note: See the article on today’s front page.

Thank you McDonald’s on Highway 196 for the beautiful Christmas decorations. If you haven’t been by there to see the lights at night, please do so before they come down. It is a real treat!

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