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Sound off for Dec. 21

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I noticed someone posted where the minutes to the Midway City Council meetings could be found, but only through 2014. I guess they forgot this is 2016.

Dylan Roof should not get the death penalty, that guy that killed those people at Bible study in Charleston. He wouldn’t have to suffer very long. He should get life in prison to suffer for what he did.

Winn Army Community Hospital, remember patients are first. Take care of the patients.

Why is it that no matter where you live, no matter what year it is and how good and hard working the parents are, there are always 16-year-old punks terrorizing neighborhoods? Most are latchkey kids with too much time on their hands and no supervision. Parents, remember your lifelong jobs are taking care of your children.

It would really be nice if we had a large kitchen shop in the new shopping center.

In our voting system, the majority does prevail. Mr. Trump won 2,100 counties. Ms. Clinton won 500 counties. I think that pretty much sums it up.

What is wrong with our tax office in Liberty County that they can’t get our tax bills to us before Christmas? Do we need to get in touch with Jack Kington or Buddy Carter to set a fire under Mr. Jones and his staff? I’m tired of getting it at Christmas.

It’s true, the popular vote does not decide the election. But it should.

Courier, if you’re not going to print about the happy people in Lennox Valley anymore, at least let us know who won the election.

Property tax bills will be late. What else is new? If this retrocession agreement went into effect in 2013, why are just now wanting to tax the private property on post. Who has not been doing his or her job?

To the people who voted for change, I hope this is the change you wanted.

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