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Sound off for Dec. 22

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Walthourville city council and mayor needs to explain how they harass nightclub owners and ruin their business selling liquor over a customer throwing a water bottle at a Walthourville police officer, and their councilmembers allegedly sell liquor illegally to pad their pockets and their police officers write traffic citations wrongfully to pay for sewer projects.

I’m just tired because of the fact that we buy our homes and try to keep them up and looking nice, and here come all these rentals around with the grass growing up, and the city is just ignoring this. We want to keep Hinesville beautiful, why don’t you enforce the codes that are on the book? I mean the mayor, city council, nobody is doing nothing. They’re just ignoring this growing problem, and we’re beginning to look like you know what — the ghetto.

I had a major water leak at my house under the slab, and I want to thank the ladies from the water department. I went down there and gave them all of my receipts and everything, and they cut my water bill in half and they were very, very courteous, both of them.

Ba humbug, Allenhurst. Has the Grinch come and snatched our holiday lights? All the surrounding towns have them.

Way to go, Liberty County. Classic example of taxation without representation, especially in the 1st District.

The best thing that could happen to Hinesville would be for all the soldiers, or half of them at least, to leave.

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