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Sound off for Dec. 4
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"I would like to know how many mothers will let their daughters go work for Roy Moore as an intern."

"Another soldier just walked away from his house in Long County. Now it is in foreclosure. Thank you Fort Stewart for not educating your soldiers on being good homeowners, and Long County permits for allowing all of these expensive homes to be built."

"I guess Donald Trump cannot say anything about Roy Moore. Remember he has women coming forward about his sexual attacks. There is also the video from Access Hollywood."

"Roy Moore is taking a page from Trump’s handbook. Tell them he will sue and deny. It worked for Trump."

"So, Dr. Perry, you told our principal he had to have a come to Jesus meeting with his staff to get to the bottom of the problems. We all knew there would be no such meeting, even though we were promised there would be. We’re still waiting. What about you, Dr. Perry?"

"I guess everyone voted for SPLOST out of fear that your home taxes would go up if you didn’t. Surprise, they went up anyway just like they always do. Must have been a mistake not a lie."

"I agree with the caller about the milkshake machine from McDonald’s. Every time we go, it is mysteriously broken. Some compensation is in order."

"I really hope our local Starbucks will discontinue the use of the new holiday cups. The displaying of a lesbian "couple" on the cups really goes against the values down here in the Southeast. Especially with the religious beacon of Chick-fil-A right next to it."

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