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Sound off for Dec. 5
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Coming into Hinesville on 84, the first thing you see is Hillcrest trailer park, and it is a mess. Over 90 percent are empty, and the rest of them are falling down. The city needs to do something about Hillcrest trailer park.

Long County discriminated against the one group who gave them free access roads: farmers. In a depression they increased farmers’ taxes 400-700 percent. Now they want to give away their land for back-taxes owed. Fair market value should be paid; this is an obvious theft by taking for the wealthy.

DDS is misleading their customers. They have always been able to know and track how long it took to be in the office to get renewed. Also, ask them what happened to the 30 minutes or renewal free. This was done by one of the governors. Also, if there is a star on your license, they’re trying to label you. Make sure you have this removed.

To the person in the little red Nissan pickup truck that dumped their sweet brown-and-white mix dog on Highway 84: Your dog got ran over by three cars and was not dead. It was laying there suffering; I hope this makes you very happy. Happy Thanksgiving to you. Karma, I hope will catch up to you.

How many people have noticed the gas prices have gone up 19 cents since the election? Everybody, I told you so.

I would like to take the time to thank the Compass Worship Center in Ludowici and the pastor and his wife and all the workers for making Thanksgiving Day so special for so many people that were fed a great meal at the church. Plus the cops, people in jail and others in Ludowici; you will truly be blessed.

To the person calling concerning Obamacare: If people would read the facts, they might know that somebody is right. However, there’s no cost to calling people ignorant. Judge and you shall be judged. Who knows? You need to clean around your back door.

We’re really disappointed that our house wasn’t chosen for our holiday home tour this year — we already had someone haul off all the cars that were on blocks so people could park in our yard, and we also got a little neighbor boy who said he’d keep all the dogs off our porch that day. And we also got our granny said she would hide our spit-can, too, so when people came for the tour, nobody would be tempted.

I agree with the caller in reference to the alcohol sales on Sunday. Even though I don’t drink, it is still the right of the public to purchase anything on Sunday that they want, including alcohol. If the county refuses to vote yes on this issue, they are only using money for the small businesses that sell alcohol.

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