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Sound off for Dec. 7

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I’m so sick and tired of these deadbeat councilmen in Walthourville not showing up for important meetings. Voters, wake up! These lame ducks don’t have the people’s best interest at heart, but I bet they get paid every month. For what, I don’t know. Thank you, Mayor Pray, for a job well-done, even without their support.

The roads at Highway 84 and Stewart are the most backed up in the city. It’s the only way to get in and out of town. When school gets out and people are going home from work, traffic is backed up all the way to Liberty High School. Now they are making it worse by making an opening for a new store going in there. That’s poor planning.

Please tell GDOT that everyone who lives off Veterans parkway does not drive dump trucks. Would they please fix the potholes that lead into the subdivisions Glenhaven, Sherwood Forest, etc.?

It sure would be nice if there was a function going on in downtown Hinesville, if they would let businesses, and maybe even put it in the paper, what roads are going to be blocked off.

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