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Sound off for Feb. 1

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It’s a shame. You go into McDonald’s at 5:30 in the morning and there are more people sleeping in the booths than there are people being waited on. Something should be done. That’s not very good publicity.

I just watched the inauguration of Donald J. Trump. Its entire tone was eerily similar to one made in Germany in 1933.

With all this severe weather going on, Sunday, the 22nd, I’m just very curious if Hinesville emergency management agency got that warning system fixed. It wasn’t last year when the tornadoes came through. Did the council or anyone get it fixed?

Congratulations to First Presbyterian school for being so patriotic and supporting the new president. Shame on all these teachers in public schools for criticizing kids for voting for Trump. It is about time you grow up and quit teaching your politics to our kids. Shame on you for trying to indoctrinate the kids of Hinesville.

We, on the left, will not have to work that hard to make The Donald a one-term president. He will achieve that all by himself. Anger and intolerance never win in the end. WWJD?

It would be nice if Tight Line Jr. would give freshwater reports also. And by now we all know where to get bait. Maybe he should start a cooking column instead, as much as he does recipes. Let us know where the real fish are biting.

The Affordable Care Act is broken and needs to be repaired. Before the act my medical insurance was an average of $5,000 a year. After it, all my costs went up, and the coverage isn’t as good. And I’m spending $9,500 a year. This is not workable for a full-time worker.

It’s good to see that not only are they going to check the illegal immigrants in landscaping and other business, they’re also check the clients who employ those who hire illegal aliens.

Can a teacher explain to us why the subject you’re teaching, you’re not teaching. For example, like in biology you’re teaching police brutality and English is teacher slavery. I wish you’d get into what we need to learn. I don’t think our kids are getting educated the right way.

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