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Sound Off for Feb. 10

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I, for one, am proud of Hinesville. You got your own Police Department. You got very nice kids on the Police Department. I think they’re very professional. I have no problem with the management.

Consumers beware, there are stores in the Midway area still charging 7 percent sales tax, when as of April 1, 2015, tax in Liberty County was 6 percent. Check your receipts.

There should really be signs posted off of Veterans warning drivers that there are going to be road closures so they’d know in advance.

It’s a shame that a business like CenturyLink closes its office. Now you have to pay them $5 to just pay your bill, even though you’re on time. That’s highway robbery.

Please do not put signs in my yard if I do not support you.

Three, count them, three lousy Sound offs in Sunday’s paper. I look around the paper and I see over 20 advertisements, some of them more than a third of the page. Come on Coastal, you can do better than that. Some of us only want to read Sound off. Of course the news, but Sound off is an important part of our reading pleasure.

Oh my God, I can’t believe it. I seen on TV that Bigfoot has been sited on Fort Stewart. We’ve not heard anything from Fort Stewart or local authorities. Are they waiting until after the elections to announce that we’re being pursued by Bigfoot? We need to know about this. If it’s true, why haven’t we been notified?

Wow, you went from three Sound offs last Sunday, to another three on Wednesday — mind you, they were all meaningless — and now down to one this Sunday. I might just have to drop you, Courier.

I have only one thing to say about Mike Riddle’s column in the Jan. 31 paper: The louder you squeal, the better I feel.

Your Business and Progress section in Sunday’s paper was very informative. In the future, let us have more of this.

I’m an old person. I took my granddaughter to school dressed as an old person and I wasn’t offended. You need to lighten up.

Parents, unite, say no to our children taking the ... standardized test. Opt out.

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