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Sound off for Feb. 11

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To the person who keeps calling about raises in the school system, yes, we would all like a raise. If you are a cook or custodian and you don’t like your job, you need to go back to school to better yourself so that you can get a better job.

Dr. Lee said the behavior specialists would do a better job than the STAR program, and that just doesn’t seem to be the case. The behavior specialists stated that the students do not listen to them. The kids listened to the STAR instructors because they respected them and knew they cared about their success.

Way to go, city of Walthourville, for stepping up and moving forward with a paid fire department. With the high rate of property taxes we are paying in Liberty County, we should have had a paid fire department in the county a long time ago.

My prayers have been answered. My daughter has a new bus driver.

OK, Liberty County Board of Education, us custodians and teachers and parapros and cooks, we need a raise.

As cold as it is, why aren’t there any church doors open for the homeless or even people who don’t have heat? Church doors are always supposed to be open, no matter what.

We need an outlet store in Midway at I-95 and 84.

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