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Sound off for Feb. 12
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Mr. Murray, who is in the food section: There is a difference in butter beans and lima beans. Butter beans are not baby lima beans. Butter beans are different. There’s about three kinds of butter beans. There’s a speckled butter bean, there’s a white and a green. But they are not lima beans. Check it out. Thank you.

Look at Russia now — socialism, communism, dictator. Is this what we want in America? Look at it closely and you decide. When you vote, are you thinking socialism or communism? Think about freedom.  Go ahead, be sure you look at Russia and what they don’t have.

In Sunday’s paper, in Liberty Lore, you have an article, “A look at the early life and death of Abraham Lincoln.” That story, once you started reading it, grabs you and wouldn’t let you go until you were finished. I wish there was much more. It’s really amazing. Thank you for printing that article on Abraham Lincoln.

If the people of Liberty County had voted for Don Emmons for office, they wouldn’t have to send him out of town or out of the city to tend to our business like they’re sending all those other people from here out. He knows the business, he’s been there.

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