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Sound off for Feb. 13

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I’m shocked, shocked, a man who campaigns and wins the elections on issues, and fulfills them once he’s elected. Wow. Where’s "we can keep our doctors." A politician who tells the truth, amazing!

Reference the front page article in the Feb. 1 Courier: The NAACP says Trump is the divider in chief. I wouldn’t want, in anyway, to disparage this esteemed counsel of the NAACP. However, it’s long been known that Obama set back racial relations by decades. Give Trump a chance.

Let’s look at consolidation of government in Liberty County. We’ve got entirely too many layers of government in the county, and the cost is prohibitive. Let’s cut the cost of living in Liberty County.

I’m curious as to what boat did Rep. Al Williams recently get off of.

This is to the minister, Donald Trump is in over his head, just like you.

Midway, please get a restaurant with home-cooked meals and deliver them to the residents, even if you have to charge more. There are people out here that would love home-cooked meals once a day and would pay for it.

When the word "unknown" comes up on my phone, I do not answer. I do not know anyone named "unknown." Do answer?

School superintendent, how much money do you need? You already make $150 K plus or more. You have parapros in the system making maybe $600 every two weeks after deductions. They really like their jobs, but some have to work two jobs just to get by.

Hey, code enforcement, when are you going to clean up Varnadoe Street? This is our neighborhood and we are tired of having pigs live in it.

President Trump don’t need to be impeached. When they find somebody that’ll help America they don’t like him. Respect the U.S.A.

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