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Sound off for Feb. 18
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It’s really sad that the Liberty County Pre-K would kick a 4-year-old child out of the school because of a death in the family. Are you kidding me? What we need to do is work on letting our kids get an education, instead of kicking our child out of school. What if you had death in your family? Would you want the school to kick your child out of school?

Yes, in reference to getting the dogs for drugs, that is good. But now they get a good lawyer and they get off, so it’s defeating the whole purpose.

This is in reference to the article about the city of Hinesville and the transportation system: I work up at the First Presbyterian Church every week, and I have not seen anyone riding the bus other than the driver. I’m very involved with volunteer fire and rescue, and we cannot get a tire for a truck in a rural area.

Regarding racism and equality, I think also when a black person is in charge — no matter if it’s school board, city or what — they should be required to follow the law and hire equally of all races in their business, not just one race. This is what equality is about — it’s about treating all people the same so everyone has the same chance at a job so that we will be represented by all cultures.

Back in the day when I was young and you went to school, middle school and senior high school and even in elementary school, every student had an hour of physical education. In middle and high school, you changed into a PE uniform, you took a shower afterwards and you went back to class. Everybody had an hour of PE, and everyone had to pass President Kennedy’s physical fitness test. We wonder why we have so much obesity these days — the children do not get PE, and they do not go out to play when they’re at home.

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