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Sound off for Feb. 20

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Why are teachers training during the school day? Bad behavior occurs in the classroom when there are substitutes in there. Money is being wasted. This training should occur during the summer when there aren’t any students in the school.

It is a shame here in Hinesville that we have to have some kind of minority program. All kids should be treated equally. There are many poor white kids who need opportunities too. You go into some of these restaurants that all they hire is blacks.

Someone should know that fire Friday night with the military family that a Red Cross captain was also on site helping that family. Please give Red Cross some credit too.

The Liberty County BOE is the most unprofessional group I have ever worked for! Between Dr. Lee’s underhanded ways and Mr. Scott’s rants on Facebook, it’s getting ridiculous! What terrific examples and role models you are for our teachers and students! Stop acting like a bunch of teenagers and start acting like professionals please!

Marcus Scott you are a disgrace. Nothing but negative words come out your mouth. I will not vote for you again. Please go to Chatham County were you work. Chair Person Mrs.Baker is doing a good job. You will never get her job. I bet my business on that.

Well Dr. Lee you have messed around with another administrator at Snelson Golden. Mr. Van Horn has done an outstanding job since he has been here. You even said so yourself. You need to tell us what is really going on. You always use the word "transparent" when you speak of school issues. Well put your money where your mouth is and tell us the truth! As school employees we deserve an honest explanation! Step up and be the leader you claim to be!

Rumor has it the Liberty County School Board wants to do away with the Liberty YMCA running Pryme Tyme in the elementary schools and do it themselves.

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