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Sound off for Feb. 25
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Realistically speaking, when officers were sworn in separately, why should MLK be any different? Liberty County is a very racist county.

Question: Why are we getting low bond or practically a bond that puts people who allegedly are committing burglaries back onto the street within a week or two, to find that they’re committing armed robberies or more burglaries within a week or two? Come on — our judicial system needs to work for the people trying to protect their property, not the ones in jail.

I think it’s a disservice to the people in Riceboro. They have people putting down the new sewage system, phones are being turned off, the water lines are being busted. Without the proper go-ahead from the city or the mayor or whatever. It’s a shame that the residents have to go four or five days with no water because there’s been no organization with the sewage system being done.

Will Liberty County ever allow the sale of alcohol beverages on Sunday? Wine or beer or liquor?

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