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Sound off for Feb. 26

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School superintendents should be elected by the people like they was in the past.

Tuesday night, my husband and I went to a burger place and we seen this young guy smoking a cigarette. I later learned he was an employee who not only didn’t wash his hands when he went back in, but he put his headphones on and went right back to the pickup line, serving people with no gloves. People need to wash their hands.

Why is it Hinesville gets all the good stores, hotels and such? We need something down here in Midway so we don’t have to go so far. Or we just need some more leadership to get good things down here.

I’m a senior at the senior center in Hinesville and two of the seniors at the center treated us to a wonderful Valentine lunch on Thursday, Feb. 11. We had a great time at the restaurant. The staff was wonderful. There were also four soldiers there and when we went outside, these soldiers had walked to Wal-Mart, walked back and then gave us roses when we were back on our senior van to go back. That was wonderful. It brought tears to my eyes. Thank you, guys, it made my day.

My father was a World War II veteran. He never voted. I’m a retired U.S. Army. In my younger days I asked, Daddy, why don’t you vote. This was back in the ’50s. He said it was because all the politicians are all liars. It’s on television now where a reporter compared the politicians to Pinocchio. All the politicians now have really long noses.

This is to the person complaining about the 20 ads and not enough Sound off in the paper the other day, if it wasn’t for those ads you wouldn’t be reading any Sound off in the paper.

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