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Sound off for Feb. 27

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Liberty County school system is getting ridiculous. You are burning teachers out. Technology is given but not enough time to use before you throw something else at us. Then we train, train, train. I wish there was enough time given to teach.

As a parent, I appreciate the mentor program at Frank Long Elementary. But I was told that Mrs. Chance and her husband funded the program. If true, that is a shame. My friend on the governance team at another school says Frank Long Elementary governance team can help her, they just choose not to help.

Teachers have much to deal with but when you come to work knowing you’re own colleague who has one of the most displeasing reputations will tell on you for reading about the BOE drama.

Well, America, look at what you are doing. Not proud to be an American right now. Sure there are criminals; but there are also people who want to make a living and feed their children. So embarrassed and hurt for poor children. Right now, everyone with tinged skin (brown, black, red, yellow) are liable to be approached by these bounty hunters. Be careful that someone in your family does not qualify.

How do you define the recent raids springing up all over? POTUS revenge. Let’s not smile too fast. The last time I looked, most people were not picking their own tomatoes, onions, oranges, etc. Isn’t this how we reached this state? Some were too lazy and proud to go to the fields and wanted a "lesser" being to do it; the resident local beings were tired of working for low wages and moved.

To the person that wrote in Sound Off about their displeasure of the city of Hinesville joining the Liberty County Minority Chamber: That the city is being racist or divisive, is ridiculous. But the fact that you would insist that it is a waste of tax dollars for the city to join this chamber, but it is perfectly fine for them to spend money joining the Liberty County Chamber is concerning. Are you sure it is not you that is trying to cause division? No one from the LCMC receives any salary. They are merely operating for the love of Hinesville…

It is very obvious that principals are being selected in the Liberty County schools based on their affiliation with black "Greek" organizations. The best principal should be selected based on work experience and their educational qualifications black, brown or white, not on their sorority membership or Greek lifestyle. This is not fair or best for the children .

Marcus Scott you ought to be ashamed of yourself! You call Mr. VanHorn your friend but then you go and blurt out that he is being demoted and moved out of Snelson Golden. The poor man didn’t even get a chance to tell his staff before you had to blurt it out on Facebook! If that’s how you treat your friends then I’d hate to see how you treat your enemies. I think you owe Mr. VanHorn and his staff an apology.

Our local school board is an embarrassment! What do we do when the board is dysfunctional? Who comes to our rescue?

Keep up the good work, Marcus Scott! You are the only BOE member strong enough to stand up to the unethical superintendent and her puppet master, the BOE chairperson. It is a shame that some other BOE members will not start calling them out for all their evil and dishonest actions.

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