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Sound off for Feb. 6

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Hey, Washington Courier, oops, I mean Coastal Courier, are you anti-Trump? I ask because it seems your Sound off forum has become a dumping ground for all those snowflakes and sore losers. Don’t you people realize how lucky America is that Mr. Trump won over someone like Clinton? America needs to unite now, not protest and run down our new POTUS.

Some of our new City Council members are out of control! Stopping by an officer’s traffic stop to take the ticket from the person who got stopped is not only unprofessional but far from ethical. Maybe you need to remember you represent everyone and not just your buddy who got the ticket. Grow up and be the professional we elected you to be. You won’t get my vote again!

I just wanted to say Thank you Mrs. And Mr. Underwood. You have encouraged my children dearly.

Someone please help me understand this foolishness? What kind of woman has babies for a married man? Please believe that karma is real!

Georgia is the peach state. We need to rally together to imPEACH Trump!

Don’t insult employees by making us vote on the school calendar. Dr. Lee has already proven our vote doesn’t matter when she disregarded the majority and changed the pay schedule. Extending the school year to accommodate Memorial Day graduation is ridiculous. We already have to interrupt our summers with mandated training for which we are not paid our daily rate. We need and deserve a decent summer break. You go, Dr. Keel! Also, the amount of days that we are out of the classroom for professional learning won’t improve test scores.

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