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Sound off for Jan. 1
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SNF Chemtall, could the polymer you produce here in Riceboro be used to make the plastic bank notes for the Bank of England? It would be noteworthy to know the little city of Riceboro’s name could be associated with this new endeavor.

The smoke over Hinesville is causing asthma. Whoever is responsible needs to be sued by the citizens and the city of Hinesville. This is ridiculous.

I’d be happy to see someone run for school board chairman against Lily Baker. Lily Baker has disappointed us very much. I’m highly concerned for my schools.

The majority of the people are happy about the city’s new trash-bin ordinance. The person who called Sound off and complained about it is only one person.

An ordinance to regulate poly-cart placement but nothing to regulate dry-trash placement will not make this city any cleaner.

As far as the editorial-page columnist who made the statement about “Duck Dynasty,” those people on the show don’t look like they have enough common sense to make an educated statement. I am a gay person, and I’m also a Christian. I go to church. As far as the Bible goes, the Lord created us this way. If we’re born gay, we’re children of God, and that’s it. I don’t see what the problem is.

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