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Sound off for Jan. 15
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"President Donald Trump must have everyone thinking that the news media only puts out false information. That must be why when a warning is issued by or put out by the news media to stay off the roads because of snow and black ice that the people in Liberty county are out in their cars running up and down Liberty County roads. For Highway 196 West has so much traffic on it that it looks like Highway 204."

"What month does the farmers market by the courthouse start again?"

"For why did the Liberty County School System give students the following days off, Jan. 3-5, 2018? For it snowed and the local news told everyone to stay off the roads. But the parents of these students were running up and down 196 West in their vehicles probably with your students in their cars. For they would have been safer in school. And if cars can make it safely. School buses are more safe."

"Wow, its amazing some people even complain about Rep. Buddy Carter when he is giving them a tax cut and letting them keep more of their paychecks. Thanks, Buddy for saving my family money and working to improve the economy."

"I’m not sure what math some other readers are doing. but the average American family is going to see more than $2,000 put back into their paychecks thanks to the tax cuts and jobs act. Thanks, Rep. Carter. The middle class needs this."

"What a hoax global warming is! How can you tell me the globe is warming when last week I was scraping ice off of my truck! I’m glad we aren’t wasting money ‘dealing’ with it."

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