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Sound off for Jan. 18

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God still the same yesterday, today and forever. There is not a more fitting scripture (than Isaiah 40:4) as we honor a man who gave everything for all people. It was not just the Black people who were suffering under the weight of the government, but all races of man, especially the poor. We must remember that even though it seems that evil will prevail, the government is “upon his shoulders…”

I’m relatively new to this area and the weather the last week has made me really glad I came. I hear on the news about all the ice and snow and storms plaguing my relatives and I’m running around in shorts. It’s great.

For hundreds of years, we have witnessed how some powers that be have blatantly left African Americans and other minorities out of the history of America. Now, with our first African American president, the fringe of these Americans are trying to erase everything that this president has done. This is not political; it is pure American racism. The fact that an incompetent clown can receive accolades while an accomplished, respectful and polished African American is hated. The more things change, the more they remain the same...

That’s some raise that the governor is planning for state troopers, 20 percent if I heard him right. I know those hard working officers deserve more, but I worry what it will do to local law enforcement. Whether deputies and officers will jump ship first chance they get to get on with the state patrol, and harbor resentment toward the troopers, if they can’t get hired.

I went to see “Hidden Figures,” that movie about the black women who helped NASA get men into space in the early 1960s. It’s a great story and it’s true. Why don’t we hear more stories like this?

Guess Trump’s lawyer got paid a lot for putting all of the blank paper inside the stacks of folder for his news conference, that no one was allowed to examine. Really cute. In believing such foolishness, some Americans continue to allow their common sense to be hijacked by Trump tactics. Sad.

I’m also glad all those retail jobs will be coming with the new stores at Oglethorpe Square. It would be better, however, if the jobs were higher paying and more technical than selling clothes or waiting tables. We need industry here, jobs that will pay a living wage.

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