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Sound off for Jan. 2

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I realize that this is the season for giving, and we all should help those in need. I believe we really should do this all year. But WTOC aired a story that an organization was collecting food for the disadvantaged military and that each family would receive 2 bags of food. Unfortunately the family they interviewed drove up to the pickup point in a brand new Hummer and sporting a large diamond ring, and then proceeded to tell the reporter that they were having a difficult time. Not sure that was the right message of disadvantaged.

Before Donald puts our sons and daughters in harm way, he need to release his income taxes so the American people can see whose interest he is doing this for, his or the country’s.

Used the Walmart order online, pickup-groceries-at-store thingie today. Worked out really well. Went to the Pooler Walmart. I hope the groceries here get this going locally fast. It was really convenient.

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