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Sound off for Jan. 25

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Why is it that the plant in Riceboro continues to pollute the air in the wee hours when people are asleep? I have a breathing problem and when I wake up I smell that foul odor. No telling how much I’ve taken in. What happened to the environmental agency? Do they care about the sanctity of human life, or about making a buck?

Traveling on Route 84, south just past the new shopping center, I saw a sign flashing that a new “traffic singal (s-i-n-g-a-l) will be activate Jan. 24.” Is this some new version of a traffic control device or did someone not proofread what they wrote?

To the city of Midway, please let businesses come into the city to help the families here survive. It’s time to drain the swamp in the city of Midway.

Can we put down the iPads and encourage kids to hold a pen on a paper? Less Googling, more teaching.

Buddy Carter, David Purdue and Johnny Isakson just voted for the 57th time to repeal Obamacare. Maybe they should be forced to give up their full free, taxpayer funded health-care plan so they can understand the full wrath of this vote.

I agree women should stand up for what they believe in. But any woman who disagreed with the pro-choicers wasn’t welcome and spokespersons like Madonna are offensive. Madonna is foul-mouthed and over-rated.

Trump keeps coming out against trade with Mexico. But, he forgets to tell the American people he is barred from investing in Mexico due to his fraudulent business practices there. So, is his trade policy really in the best interest of this country or his pocket?

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