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Sound off for Jan. 27

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It is wrong for the Bradwell Institute administration and the board of education to condone teachers bullying teachers.

I was reading the paper, a letter to the editor, where Mr. Bruce McCartney, said what he did about Sunday. I would like to say to Mr. McCartney, you are correct. Like you said, the Sabbath is the Lord’s day.

This is about one of the schools in Liberty County. I want to know why is it they can hire parapro and secretary help and can’t get another custoder, with children 815 enrolled and counting?

Could anyone tell me if there is a city or county ordinance on how much smoke is in an area where there is food being served?

I’m just amazed at the amount of people who truly believe Sunday is the Sabbath for everyone in this community. I believe that the Sabbath day is Saturday, and that is what I was taught and that is what I read, that the seventh day of the week is the Sabbath day. I also understand that there’s supposed to be a separation between the government and religious entities. And I truly believe that it’s the responsibility of our leaders to encourage all the members of our community to vote, whether it’s on a Sabbath on a Saturday or a Sabbath on a Sunday.

You wonder why people don’t respect Christians anymore when the reverends think it’s OK for people to vote on Sunday. They are the ones supposed to be teaching the Bible, and it is sad, they are so desperate to win votes and win elections, have people vote on a day of rest. Shame, shame on them. If people really want to vote, they’ll do it during the week, because they’re really interested and know what’s going on, not be putting buses and taking to the voting booth for someone else that’s desperate to win elections.

Can someone please tell me when the next safety driver course is going to be held at Shuman Center? My certificate needs to be renewed for driver’s safety on my insurance.

Our county chairman/board of commissioners speaks a lot about diversity, but why is it that all of the newer board appointments in the county are all African-American? All of the new county hires have been African-American, and I’m just wondering about the diversity in that.

I’m just wondering why the people in the preliminary can’t get their newspaper before 7 o’clock (a.m.). Half the day’s done gone by then.

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