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Sound off for Jan. 30

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As things political begin to unfold around us, do not lose heart that you are doomed. As King David said "Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil for thou art with me…" Remember, as the young people would phrase it: "God’s got this." Press! To God be the glory!

We should be thankful for the industries that are coming to Hinesville. The pay may not be so high, but at least some now unemployed people will be employed. I must say some type of income is better than no type of income. Small beginnings can lead to greater things. Let’s learn to be thankful for the smaller things as well as the bigger things.

Hillary Clinton will never be president.

Why is POTUS involved in a debate about who had the most people at the inauguration? Do we not have more important things to be dealt with? He should use the time to address race issues, a court system that disproportionately incarcerates minorities, or identifies the not-so black slumlords in the neighborhoods he identifies as carnage. He might find that these dwelling belong to elite men/women from his side of town who are really the despicable ones. Stop wasting taxpayers’ money. Focus POTUS!

The Interior Department has been banned from Twitter after retweeting that the crowds at the Trump inauguration were smaller than usual. Trump has decided to shut down their twitter account. What happen to open government, and freedom of speech? Isn’t this what dictators do!

How much of the inauguration planning money went into Trumps own personal pocket?

When President Obama took office, the economy had an unemployment rate of 10%, Dow Jones was 6000 and falling, and the national debt was 10% of the GNP. Trump will come into power with an unemployment rate of 4.7%, Dow Jones of 19,900 and rising, and the national debt is 3% of GNP. Good job, President Obama! I wonder what the numbers will look like after 4 years of Trump?

Make America great again. Impeach!

Donald Trump continues to use propaganda as a means to gain power by convincing some that he has good ideas about what is wrong with America and about how to correct those problems. Propaganda’s main function is to convince people. This was what Hitler’s propaganda did. It convinced enough Germans that the Jews and communists and other such groups had caused Germany’s problems. Hitler’s propaganda minister was Joseph Goebbels. Trump’s propaganda minister is Kellyanne Conway. America, be careful!

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