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Sound off for Jan. 4

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This goes to all the parents of students in Liberty County schools that have to have iPads at school. Please be aware that the iPads are ruining their eyes with them using them all day long and then at home. We need to go back to books and paper.

I’m sitting here watching the Republican debate. None of them have a friendly face. They all look like crooks. No one answering questions. Why would we need a Republican as president when they won’t answer the questions?

If a BoE member was doing what he was elected to do and behaving in a professional and ethical manner, there would be no reason to videotape the meetings. Proof is on Facebook.

As sheriff of Liberty County, why don’t you wear the proud uniform of the sheriff’s office? This would lead by example and show you support veterans. By the way you are a law-enforcement officer. Show pride.

I have just quit even trying to read the funnies. Us old people cannot read the little old print of the comics in Sunday’s paper. Please run them bigger.
What has happened to Sound off? I think I’ll quit the paper if the Sound off doesn’t get any better.

As a taxpayer, I’m not concerned whether there is videotape of school-board meetings for me to watch like reruns on television. As a taxpayer, I’d like to see you put it in the paper whether it is true that there is a board member who sends his son out of the county to school because neither of our high school basketball teams are not good enough.

It is Wednesday afternoon, 20 minutes to 4. I just went out for my walk around my neighborhood around Hancock Street. I picked up 20-30 Pennysavers that people don’t pick up. I wish you people wouldn’t put out something people don’t want to read.

Has anybody besides me seen the commercial on TV about this Obama Chia? It is so stupid, not because of the product but because of the accomplishments it says this clown accomplished. Give me a break.

Liberty County Commissioners need to take action to ensure the sheriff’s deputies aren’t driving their government vehicles for personal use. Like most government issued vehicles they should have to turn them in at the end of their shifts. Sick of watching off duty deputies drive around while off-duty wasting taxpayer dollars on uneccessary fuel costs. Hope this Sheriff loses the next election because he is extremely irresponsible in regards to fiscal management and personnel management in general.

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