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Sound off for Jan. 6

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You know I’m sick and tired of every time I look at Sound off it’s all about the superintendent, the superintendent. I’m sure you get other interesting things. But you seem to only pick stuff about the superintendent and school board. Get off that.

I’m so happy the superintendent got that fellowship. She can add it to her resume and go look for a job in another unsuspecting county now.

In reference to the article Liberty County Hospital Authority on page 3A, under YMCA heart attack victim, there were seven people involved in saving this man’s life, not just two. Get your facts straight. The paramedics talked to only two females involved, not all seven involved in saving this man.

The newest BOE member talked a good game when campaigning, but now that she is in office she seems to be following right along with the chair and superintendent. What happened?

Why can’t the elderly and disabled servicemen of Liberty County pay their taxes in installments? And what is the Kemp, DeLoach and Williams county tax relief act, who and how can you apply?

It is really funny that the person is complaining that a BOE member’s child attends school in another county. A long time principal in the system and one of the chief officers have a child that attended private school here in town for many years, and another chief had a child in school in Long County. All of these people make way more money from the taxpayers than our BoE member.

I hope the second half of the year at pre-K will be better for my child. When I took my concerns to the director she snapped at me and told me pre-K wasn’t a requirement and I could withdraw my daughter if I wasn’t happy.  I know she’s right but I really hope things will get better and if not, I’ll have to take her sarcastic advice.

Our superintendent does exactly as she pleases because our BoE (with one exception) is intimidated by her and lacks the courage to stop her from ruining our school system. As citizens and employees, we can show our discontent and elect board members that will take our calls and address our concerns without threat of retaliation from our superintendent.

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