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Sound off for July 11

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Maybe the BOE should consider changing the start time for elementary school instead of middle school. Some elementary students have to wait for the bus in the dark in the mornings with no supervision, and younger children should be getting more sleep than older children. Makes better sense to me. Anyone else?

The current superintendent wrote the book on creating a hostile work environment. Since she arrived in Liberty County, she has used force, derogatory comments, belittling and sarcastic remarks, threats and outright yelling as she interacts with those under her. I hope the rest of our BOE members will join Mr. Scott in holding her accountable for her actions.

Attention, local Realtors: Don’t air your or others’ dirty laundry on Facebook. It’s really unprofessional, and it makes you look petty. Sincerely, an annoyed citizen.

I laughed until my sides hurt watching the video of the school board member being sanctioned. About time! The hypocrisy with which the others imposed the sanction was almost as funny. There are three others on there who have done the same or worse. And what about the "supe"? She’s as shady as the board! Any wonder why LCSS is losing kids to Bryan and Long counties? Madam chair, madam vice chair, keep scratching your heads and creating that drama.

I haven’t seen the wig man in a while. I hope he is OK. He was the hero this city deserved.

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