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Sound off for July 12

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“We citizens pay taxes here in Hinesville. Why don’t the emergency alarm work? What’s their excuse?”

“It would be nice to have fireworks over in Bryant Commons like they had years ago to give the people outside of the Fort Stewart something to go to and to look forward to. Hinesville needs to do better than they are doing.”

“I see the picture Hinesville City Councilwoman Diana Reid holding her certificate of recognition. Is that like a participation trophy? I sure hope she learned how to keep her mouth shut.”

“Buddy Carter voted for Trumpcare. The result of his vote will cause 300,000 people in the First Congressional District to lose their health care. What was he thinking?”

“I want to know what the “error” was for the banking. Sounds very BOE to me.”

“July 5’s Sound Off, the first five items looked like they were straight from Democrat Party talking points. When someone makes flat statements (x of y are on public assistance, something will add 13k to your bill if you’re 50-64 or some such) it’d be good if someone on the Courier staff would do a validity check on the information before publishing it. After all, everyone knows that Abraham Lincoln warned us not to trust everything we read on the Internet.”

“Why do people think it’s OK to drive as fast as they want? Would some organizations chip in and put up some PSA billboards, speed limits, saving lives daily. I saw this comment recently: ‘Speed limits, not a suggestion, the law.’ And we need roadside signs in neighborhoods: ‘Slow Down!’ If nothing else, would the sheriff’s office publish a re-education campaign about speeding on rural roads?”

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