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Sound off for July 14

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Aug. 6 is the first day of school. This is disgusting to think about. We never started school until after Labor Day.

Why does it take the criminal-justice system so dang long to prosecute somebody? We had a case that’s been going on two years now, and it hasn’t been before a judge or a grand jury, and the individual admitted guilt. What’s up with that?

You’re still blaming Bush after all of these years, and you’re still voting Democrat. You must be stupid.

Oh, joy. The city is saying that if we don’t pass the SPLOST tax, they will raise taxes on homeowners. That is an inside threat, is it not? The money never goes towards roads, even though they’re in disarray. It’s just another lie. Hopefully one day they will investigate the city for their wrong doings.

I am a Republican, and I’m getting fed up with our party letting these crazy people speak for us. What is going on in this party? I love my party, but the people they allow to make these kinds of remarks are ridiculous and embarrassing to our party.

It sure will be nice to have a Subway in Midway. They have the lowest prices on the best subs around.

I guess I’ll just have to get a disease from kissing my dog, because my dog is just like my children, so I’m going to give them the love and attention that they need. If a disease comes, it comes.

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