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Sound off for July 15

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In today’s paper (June 28), it looks like the Long County Commission is back to their old tricks, giving family members contracts, commissioner members above the county’s SOP. Maybe we need some of our commissioners to resign and have the GBI start to investigate any (improprieties) that Long County has done in the last couple of months.

I would sure love to see the city of Hinesville Police Department enforce the law about people parking in handicapped parking places. I see some real able bodies getting out, going to stores, abusing the system. Something needs to be done about it around Hinesville, or write these people some tickets.

This is about crime in America, poverty, crime, people working for 40 hours. I work 40 hours and I don’t make enough money to survive. I have to get government assistance. All these big businesses have to do is pay me a wage I can support my family on and all these crimes will go down across America. Increase the minimum wage, a wage I can live off of and that will solve the crime problem.

Hey, cable company, hey, electrical company, why is it that the power can go out, the cable can go out, but the telephone keeps working. What do they know that you guys don’t know?

The next time a doctor’s office is closed for lab work on a Friday morning will the staff be more professional and call patients who had appointments that day to inform them?

There is a trailer park on Highway 84 that needs to be closed down. It’s nasty. The city needs to check into it.

This is on the approval of marriages between same-sex couples. Have we forgotten the Bible and Sodom and Gomorrah? God will not tolerate it. He loves everyone and will forgive everyone. But this will be the downfall of America. Christians need to stand up and fight this.

God wanted us to have brotherly love for all. He wanted us to love everyone equally. But we are going away from what the Bible teaches us. I personally think it is sin for a man to marry a man or a woman to marry a woman. Get back to church and let’s go home. Jesus is soon to come.

The folks that are fishing out at Bryant Commons are leaving their trash behind, their fish lines with hooks tangled in the grass and their containers of rotting bait alongside the ponds. It’s really not conducive to a family park; it’s just a fishing hole. There are no benches, no picnic tables, not even trash containers.

As a combat veteran, I’d like to say to the church that was selling fireworks to get people to go to heaven, you put me through hell this past weekend. Thanks a bunch.

In the Sunday comics, the print is so small on some of the comics, I can’t read. Please make them larger. If you can’t do nothing about it, just leave the comics out.

Why have 14 key administrators (including seven principals) left the school system in 18 months? More importantly, why have over 125 teachers left in less than two years? You can’t tell me they were all bad and needed to go. Sad.

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