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Sound off for July 17
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"With all the taxes we pay here in Hinesville, we need a nice bus station. It really doesn’t make sense to go all the way to 84 West. You might as well go all the way to Savannah."

"We need a nice skating rink or a miniature golf course for the kids and adults, or a bowling alley. Everyone cannot go on Fort Stewart."

"A picture is worth a thousand words (inaudible). Please accept pictures instead of words, maybe the point would get across without deception."

"Whoever hangs the flags out in Ludowici on the light poles to be torn down and left in the rain, just stop."

"Liberty County needs to hire more African American male educators. I know many applied and interviewed but not offered. African American boys need to see someone that looks like them in a professional setting. Not all are thugs, as many want them to be portrayed as. There are many educated African American men out there. Give them a chance, Liberty County."

"Diana Reid, Vicky Nelson and Keith Jenkins are the worst things to ever happen to the City of Hinesville. Can we just put them on an iceberg and sail them into the ocean?"

"To the person in Sunday’s edition who said Diana Reid is doing a good job: You are delusional. She and Vicky Nelson are power hungry, egotistical people whose only objectives are to make good people lose their jobs out of pettiness and spite. They are destroying this city."

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