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Sound off for July 18

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Has anyone ever seen Trump and Obama in the same place at the same time? No? Fishy, isn’t it?

Liberty County could really use a mini-golf course. We have like 17 Wal-Marts but absolutely no mini-golf. I thought this was America!

The mayor of Hinesville should enforce a policy that makes pet owners scoop their dogs’ poop, like the policy on Fort Stewart. It’s irritating when you can’t walk on the sidewalk because there’s dog poop on it.

Did you receive your Liberty County tax assessment notice? Approximately 2,500 notices were returned to the tax office with incorrect addresses. Check the list on the door of the Historic Courthouse and Justice Center. How will they send out the "bills" if they have an incorrect mailing address?

What are they really making at Chemtall? I’ve seen clouds of unexplained stuff floating through the air like hot hair balloons of nondescript origin! I think it is a government cover-up trying to poison the citizens of Riceboro.

Looking forward to work with the new Fort Stewart CSM. Just maybe things will change in the commissary, and he starts cleaning the house. The corruption in this place needs to stop!

I don’t feel at ease with the new Bradwell guard coach. She seems lost and unprepared. This young woman is not ready for this job. The guard is one of the major attraction of the football games. If we lose that entertainment, what do we have left? She needs to get with the program or get out.

No wonder a decent person can’t get a job for the city of Hinesville. It’s because you have to be a councilman or a friend or relative of councilman.

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