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Sound off for July 19

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“I’ve tried two times to find out if you have to have a license and pay taxes to have a lawn service. I see a lot of services, but none of them seem to have licenses. Help me find out, if you can.”

“In the First District there are 724,000 people. Of them, 239,000 are on public assistance and 101,000 have no healthcare. 23.5 percent in the district are below the poverty line. So why did Buddy vote to cut healthcare for 54 percent of the people living in the First District?”

“To the moron who stated to ask questions about the city of Walthourville. I am citizen and I have asked questions at council meeting and the mayor has said come to city hall. Once you go, ask questions you are more confused as ever because nobody can answer your questions. I’ve asked about the water bills and the budget, but no answer. Chief Quarterman, your officers and you are the best.”

“Dear county commissioners, how can you vote to increase the sheriff’s salary and not give a raise to the employees who are actually working? It is a sad day when you get paid for your title instead of the work you do.”

“What kind of nonprofit organization that claims to help Veterans with PTSD and TBI with service dogs ‘raffles a weapon.’ Really? Worst case scenario a veteran takes his life. You’re telling us K9 BB is responsible. Is this program even run by a true veteran?”

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