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Sound off for July 26

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“The LCSS school system should save the money for a county AD and go back to one high school. This would solve all the athletic problems in this county. This town cannot support two public high schools and one private school. Do what’s best for this community and the students, turn Hinesville into the next high school athletic dynasty.”

“Is it just me, or does it seem the Hinesville City Council is making amendments to the city ordinance every meeting to meet their needs and agendas?

“How can the First District have 101,000 with no healthcare as mentioned in a couple of recent Sound offs? I thought Obamacare covered everyone and that’s why it’s so perfect for America. Since the Republicans haven’t done anything with healthcare (actually health insurance) as of yet, how can this be? Is it that the Democrats didn’t properly construct the Affordable Care Act?

“GSP, please patrol US 17 from GA 196 into Richmond Hill. People don’t care about speed limits on that stretch of road.”

“With all the teams funded by the recreation department, YMCA, etc., why do we need middle school sports teams? Let the schools teach academics, let the rec dept. handle sports!”

“I’m so disappointed in you councilmember Shaw. Thursday’s council meeting was awful.”

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