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Sound off for July 27

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I’m afraid to vote for Hillary Clinton if she forgot she got a subpoena in the month of March. Then what is she gonna forget and give away if she should get president? I’m just scared to death to think that she’s got a problem with forgetfulness. Thank you.

Does any stores keep the small pocket dictionaries? I used to keep one on my desk. I know with all the modern things now, you don’t need probably a paper dictionary, but I’d like to see it in the school supplies — a small pocket dictionary. Thank you.

To all the qualified drivers in Hinesville and Fort Stewart: Will you please put your head lights on in the morning before 6:30 a.m., those who don’t are a wreck waiting to happen. Today (July 23), I observed 20-25 cars and trucks that did not have their lights on between Bradwell Street and Evans Army Airfield … Us old people need to see those tail lights ahead of us for identification purposes. You might not think it is vital, but the rest of us do!

I’m not a very religious person, but not an atheist, either. That being said, I’m getting tired of reading all about God and how we’ll all be going to hell if we don’t heed to the Bible and God’s words. Seems like every other edition of the Courier has one of these Bible-thumper’s rants. Please give us a break, Courier.

In today’s (July 12) paper, the mayor is so happy that we’re losing less than a thousand military personnel from Fort Stewart, but he’s not addressing one of the real problems: all the civil-service jobs we’re losing at Fort Stewart. All we get is retail in this town for positions once people lose their jobs. There’s something wrong.

Concerning the rezoning of the property across from the Fleming Food Mart: I agree with the owner of the Fleming Food Mart 100 percent. That property should have never been rezoned, should have never passed — dirty politics all the way. All in who you know if want to get something rezoned in Liberty County.

I’m a 22-year vet calling about the lack of telephone access to our local Hinesville vet clinic. About a week ago, a vet said in Sound off that he couldn’t get through to the clinic using their local phone number, and I’ve experienced the same thing. A local number was published in Sound off, and no one answers it. Also, when I walked into the clinic and asked for a phone number that would work, they told me no. Inaccessibility to care is obviously a problem throughout the VA system, whether in Arizona or right here in Hinesville, Georgia. I’m calling my congressman.

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