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Sound off for July 27

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In Sound off, the only thing they’re talking about is the superintendent and all because of Marcus Scott. I hope he remembers this because all this glory you’re getting will come back later. Dr. Lee is doing a good job and he should be applauding her instead of making trouble for her.

I’m so glad my son finally got out of Liberty County School System. He graduated and going to college, and I’m glad I investigated colleges. The Liberty County counselor told me he needed 1800 SAT scores to go to Georgia Southern. But the school told me it is only 1100. Do your own investigation, parents.

Let me see if I can get this straight. The former secretary of state is running for president. The current president invites her onboard Air Force One to travel to North Carolina to campaign. Does this mean we the public are involuntarily supporting this Democratic representative? That doesn’t seem fair.

A reserve captain was one of the victims of the shooting at the gay bar in Orlando. Will he get the Purple Heart? An Army Times article asks that. That does not compute.

I don’t think Button Gwinnett changes will be done by first day of school. How will students eat breakfast and lunch? Do I need to send food from home? With one more payday before school starts, I need to know how to feed my kids.

We all are supposed to follow laws. Then why do two city or state workers feel they can sell crabs and bootleg? That’s nice, right?

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