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Sound off for July 29
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I was on school grounds picking up my son and my daughter from middle school all year round, and I have witnessed these yellow buses going on a rampage more focused on their route. Pulling out, without looking, looking straight, cutting cars off — I’ve watched a car turn almost all the way around, the bus keeps going. And the next one goes, and the next one.

To a past caller: I would like to address the concern that you had about a certain bus driver who is allowed to have both jobs. Did you know that she is also a full-time college student trying to work to better herself? It’s a shame that your boss won’t allow you to have both jobs. My bills come every Thursday, just like yours do — quit hating and go better yourself.

I was just wondering why the area’s animal rescue does not combine its efforts to assist in taking care of these animals. There’s more than enough money to open a facility that could house these dogs and initiate more adoptions instead of a euthanization?

Thank you for the beautiful sign to our beautiful new neighborhood. People work hard to keep this neighborhood looking good; I hope the uglies don’t mess it up again.

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