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Sound off for July 5

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In the First District, there are 724,000 people. Of them 239,000 are on public assistance, 101,000 have no healthcare and 23.5 percent in the district are below the poverty line. So why did Buddy vote to cut health care for 54 percent of the people living in the First District?

Trumpcare: Make America sick again

People should read the healthcare bill, check out what they consider pre-existing conditions. It might surprise you.

Buddy Carter voted for Trumpcare. This bill would add as much as $13,000 to the cost of health insurance for those 50 to 64, and would discriminate against people with pre-existing health conditions. Maybe it’s time to flip the First Congressional District.

Received an e-mail from Senator David Purdue today, stating he would prefer to take health care away and raise the premiums for millions of Georgians and give millionaires and billionaires a tax cut. Maybe it’s time to raise taxes on millionaires and billionaires.

I just read a rant and rave Sunday posting on Craigslist about the Coastal Courier. I tend to agree with it. I think key staff writers at the Courier would have preferred that crooked Hillary had won the election. Word to all the sore losers and snowflakes, she lost to the man better suited to lead our nation. Live with it.

For the U.S. government needs to tell the medical establishment what it can charge for their services. Like they do with Medicare. For they need to control prices on all goods and services because we are coming to the point of out pricing ourselves. What ever happened to the wage and price control commission? For when people can’t afford health care it causes epidemics.

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