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Sound off for June 12

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Walthourville mayor pro-tem and council members, why are you allowing Mayor Pray and the City Clerk Melissa Jones to railroad city personnel? And why is Ms. Jones there to fake straighten up or to cover up? The council members did not even know this lady was hired and it is their job to choose the clerk, isn’t it?

In response to the statement regarding the mayor applying unnecessary pressure on the police chiefs of Walthourville, my question is what pressure? If there was a problem with the past and the present police chief, this is an issue to be addressed between the mayor and the chief. The citizens of Walthourville are not in the presence of the mayor and the chief of police in the workplace to pass judgment on unfair treatment. Mayor Pray is hard working and has nothing but the concern of the citizens of the city of Walthourville on her agenda.

Let’s see now, Dr. Perry was fired as a superintendent and replaced by Dr. Lee. Now Dr. Lee is leaving (with a bag of cash) and is replaced by Dr. Perry (temporarily). Sounds right. The Courier reports that Dr. Perry has taken the interim superintendent position. That’s not all that he’s taken. The entire board (by a vote of 5-0) has also been taken. Keep up the good work Courier.

To all city of Hinesville citizens. In case you didn’t know the executive closed door meetings (May 18 and June 1) that discussed City Manager Billy Edwards’ suspension is all subject to open records. Go by city hall and request the audio from those meetings if you want the real story. Decide for yourself.

Trump needs to change his slogan from Make America Great Again to Make China Great. That is what he did by pulling out of the Paris agreement

As a retired federal employee who has done many security forms, it is appalling that Kuschner did not have his security pulled. I have seen many fellow workers have theirs pulled for not disclosing information. Why is he above the law?

Note to city council: being stupid is sad, being stupid and unaware is tragic, being stupid but thinking you are smart is dangerous.

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