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Sound off for June 13
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To the person that keeps calling people racist because they criticize President Obama, you need to do what Condoleeza Rice says: Look in the mirror first. We as Americans have the right to criticize our president no matter what color he is. If this is going to be a problem, maybe we should not vote for another black president?

City employees can’t get a raise, yet the city engineer has his own airplane. Does anyone know how much money the city pays him?

Sunday’s caller: Get your facts straight. No bank is allowing anyone to write a check with a zero balance. It’s called overdraft protection. Do you have it? Obviously not.  

Why is there no mention of the fugitive that was caught at Liberty Elementary School in the paper?

Liberty County, please open your hearts to the hungry and the homeless. We have plenty of them walking around; I don’t know why, but they are here.

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