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Sound off for June 13

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I really enjoy the new library. I’ve been up there a couple times. It is fantastic. But I recommend a book for all those who work up there. It’s Dale Carnegie’s "How to Win Friends and Influence People." They sure do need it up there.

Both Hillary and Trump have lied to and misled the public. Let’s unite against both of them and write in the best candidate. No labels, no liars.

Why doesn’t Bradwell take care of its softball field, like they do at Liberty where they’ve put cement all around the field? What is wrong with Bradwell that they don’t care of the field and give the girls a better field? You almost fall there, there’s so many hills and ditches.

For the parents of students at Snelson-Golden this year, let it be known that every kid, no matter how smart or stupid, or how they behaved, or regardless of how many days they missed, they were passed by our school board just for the numbers. Is this what our public schools have become?

When is Liberty County High School going to have their freshman orientation? Bradwell had theirs last month. Still waiting on Liberty. Let us know.

Thursday morning, 8:15, can anyone tell me why a Liberty Transit bus was on northbound 17 up in Richmond Hill, hopped onto Interstate 95 going south? That’s a long route for a Liberty County bus.

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