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Sound off for June 14

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For the last six months all I have heard is how bad Trump is for America. During the last administration, no outrage about Timothy Geithner being appointed secretary of the treasury when he owed back taxes and blamed a tax program. What about during that last administration’s open mic, letting Putin know that “after I get re-elected I can be more flexible.” But no matter what Trump says or does it is wrong. How about give him a chance to do something before you start yelling and screaming.

Why should we all go give support for the City Manager, when they are being so secretive about why he was suspended? If it would have been a police officer, or firefighter suspended, the reason why would have been plastered all over the front page for several weeks. I can’t support someone when I can’t find out what they have done.

Why has the reason for Hinesville city manager’s suspension not been released to the public? We have a right to this information. To destroy others information freely flows, but to protect Billy Edwards we cannot get the complete story.

I applaud the lady who stood up during the last county commissioner meeting and asked why the county did not shop around for insurance, makes you wonder who is getting the real kick back!

I heard that one of the sitting councilmen of Midway is running for mayor. Why? I’ve lived in Midway for 10 years and I haven’t seen a change. Please don’t vote him in. All they do is talk. The only person with sense is the council lady, and the three councilmen disrespect the lady. Please, please don’t vote for Clancy.

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