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Sound off for June 22
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I had a dream about people walking off the earth and falling into a Niagara Falls of fire. I saw a lady there with no shoes stepping on jagged rocks as flames shot up at her. If you do not give an account for the things you do on earth, when it’s your time to depart from this earth into another place, you’re going to have to give account for the things you did.

This is in reference to the women going for married men: You know there are plenty of singles out there. Married men took vows and when you get involved with one, the two of you are actually committing adultery. That is wrong. Go find a man that’s single.

Mr. Coastal Courier editor, can you tell me why your Sound offs have so much stuff on God and religion? Quit pushing religion on our readers.

Mrs. Scrooge is going to cut taxes again so the Salvation Army won’t be ringing bells at Christmastime and Bob Cratchet’s son can make him a crutch from all the burned-down wood, and the poor will eat birds instead of turkeys for the holidays.

To the people who are using the Hinesville Technology Park land as a dump, you are breaking the law. Fishermen who are leaving their trash, weekend partiers who are leaving their trash, you are ruining it for the rest of us. Stop it.

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