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Sound off for June 26

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Who was the genius at the Coastal Courier who decided to put the sound offs where they’re appearing now?  Now we only se 5 or 6 instead of the usual 9 or 10.  FYI: Some of us only read your fish wrap for the sound offs and for the “Peyton Place” drama going on with our crooked BOE characters.
*Editor’s note: Readers suggested we move Soundoff to page 2.

Well, now that the results are in for Georgia and S.C. it becomes more evident than ever that racism was key in the races based on the following of our POTUS. It is further evidence of Russian involvement in these races. Are the eyes of the people so tightly shut, their ears so plugged up, and their minds so closed off that they cannot function in reality?  What do these results mean? 1. POTUS continues his ridiculous and illegal behaviors. 2. More unjust killings of African Americans by police. 3.  Mistreatment of Muslims, Mexicans, and others considered undesirables. 4. Republican posturing to erase the fact of an African American POTUS from the history books...what a shame! I am embarrassed but more saddened.

Don’t Care” or “Whipping a Dead Horse” might be nice options for the front page polls.  Just sayin’

For the name sayers out there. The city of Walthourville is audited every year by a state certified accountant. Stop all the foolishness and show up and support your city. See who is really working in this city. Got a question, ask those who know what is really going on, not just telling lies.  

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