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Sound off for June 28

Call 876-3733. These opinions are not the Courier’s. Callers are not required to identify themselves, so we can verify neither sources nor motives. You may also anonymously submit a comment online at

 I wish whoever put out this pig on Daisy (unintelligble) Road would come get it. It’s caused a 93-year-old woman to fall down the steps twice.

What’s going on with our city council? Something doesn’t smell right? Maybe Gov. Deal needs to open an investigation. He needs to get involved. Thank you.

I see a council woman has adopted Brett Drive. Looks very nice, who’s keeping it clean? Whose money? Is the city councilwoman paying for it or is it our tax money keeping it clean?

I am highly disappointed in the actions of the members of the Coastal Courier for details posted in the article about the young child molested by the mother’s boyfriend. This is a small community. People know each other. You released too much information. It was too much, too detailed that really pointed a finger and made it known who they were talking about. I am disappointed and disgusted in your actions.

Having a doctorate doesn’t mean you have common sense. How in the world could the school board hire a man who was fired. With thousands of other qualified people in the United States, they hire a man that has been fired. Is it because he’s black? And why are they paying for a superintendent when it’s June and school is out?

I have lived in Walthourville for over 50 years. The worst thing the city did hire chief Bernie Quarterman. He has been spreading lies about the mayor to anyone who will listen and ran off the previous clerk, Miss Moss. Mayor Pray, Miss Jones and city hall staff, keep doing a great job. The citizens appreciate all that you do.

 I’m calling to find out when are you going to put a section in the paper about what movies are being played in Liberty County so we would know to go see it. And the time.  Thank you very much.

I see at the orientation at some of our new stores in town that people who already have jobs are applying and working there. Why is it there so many people out of work in Hinesville and people who have good jobs are working at these places.

I am so glad the Sound Off is used to voice opinions. I don’t think this has anything to do with the current Chief.  Thank you Chief for silence and not entertaining this foolishness. Stay strong Chief,  God is preparing you for promotion. Keep up the good job. Councilmen and women this is clearly about hidden possibilities at city hall and by city hall and for council to look into. Look into facts, don’t leave the citizens blind.  You are voted in to look at issues. What’s the fear or hidden agenda?  The state certified auditors mentioned work for the City of Walthourville and only audit what is presented to them. This is why an independent need to come in to investigate to clarify the suspicions for the public.  This is only fair for the citizens.

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