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Sound off for June 4

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Well, Mr. Sheriff, you folks cannot seem to stop anyone from speeding on the unimproved part of Rye Patch but they can stop me for flashing my lights to warn of one of your speed traps. I was unticketed, but was told it was illegal in Georgia to warn other drivers. Falls under “equipment malfunction.” What kind of BS is that? Search as I might, I cannot find where it is against the law in Georgia to flash your lights to warn other drivers. Please respond with the chapter and verse making it illegal or an apology from your office. You guys cannot just make it up as you go, even in Long County!
Walthourville council members are you supporting the suspicious acts (budget funds) of the mayor and new clerk who you all do not know anything about and did not even know she was hired?

Citizens of Walthourville, Georgia, councilmen and women, stand up. Don’t let this mayor run off another chief of police because of her unnecessary pressure. We have a good hard working Chief of Police who works hard for the people who sets an example and who leads by example. He doesn’t deserve the bad treatment by her.

Why did our school board hire an interim superintendent that was fired from Twiggs County?  Why can’t they give a current employee a chance.  We have been through enough.  Dr. Lee ran off 90 percent of the principals and 50 percent of the teachers.  Now we have a person that will run off the rest.  Our school board needs to be thrown out of office.

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