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Sound off for June 7

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What’s wrong with the staff of Midway Middle School? A group of children were watching pornography in the school bus and forcing others to watch it, as parents we never got a notification from the school in regards any action taken toward the children who started everything. Now my son is been bullied for reporting it. Are they trying to sweep it under the rug because school is almost over?

The city of Midway is not a business friendly city! Why?

The city council members are beginning to act like those idiots at the school board.

I am a citizen of Walthourville. I am amazed at the comments I have read regarding our mayor and chief of police. First of all, the mayor was elected by the citizens of Walthourville to lead our city; she’s doing that. Making sure everyone does their job. And keeping the citizens and city a priority is her job. In the real world, everyone will not like or agree with everything you do, however, let’s give credit where credit is due. Mayor Pray is doing a great job and being a citizen of Walthourville, I believe she will continue to do her job and do it well. Instead of airing our disagreements or concerns with the news, why don’t we get more involved in our city.

I do hope the new superintendent makes changes to the teachers retirement banquet. My children have had great teachers throughout their schooling. I was appalled to find teachers only receive $50 and a CD when they retire. Furthermore, this event should be taken much more seriously. Retirees shouldn’t wear costumes as if they are going to a Halloween party. This is another lack of appreciation for teachers.

It’s funny that right before the city council voted for the suspension of the city manager that they voted retirement raises for themselves.

If you support the city manager, Billy Edwards, please try to attend the next council meeting. It’s time to show our support for him to the current council. The bully mentality has to stop.

As a lifelong resident of Hinesville, I have never been more ashamed and embarrassed by the way my current council members behave.

Without knowing why, I suspect Mr. Edwards has become too comfortable in his position.

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