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Sound off for March 1

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BOE members arguing back and forth with each other at meetings, superintendent openly feuding with her finance officer (that she brought with her from North Georgia because she wasn’t happy with what we had that seemed to be working fine), threatened lawsuits, and continued negative press for these administrators is dragging down morale in the school buildings. Really? Grow up!

Just another slap in the face to a very hardworking staff.  Mr. Van Horn is a great principal who is turning things around and cleaning up the disasters you created. If you really want us to succeed, which your past and present decisions don’t support, you’ll leave him in place. If you want us to succeed, you’ll make the middle school zoning equitable and let the teachers spend their time teaching instead of jumping through hoops and in training.

I received an automated message from my daughter’s school, Snelson-Golden, yesterday that gave me more questions than answers. Her principal, Mr. Roland Van Horn, has been terminated from his position. I searched the web for any information regarding this, but to no avail. Can you please help shine a light into this?

The dysfunctional and prejudiced school board may silence Mr. Scott but the truth will emerge.

To the caller who said The military needs better health care. Maybe you should pay for your own health care like everyone else.

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