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Sound off for March 13

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Dog owners in Hunter Ridge Subdivision, please keep your dogs at home. Do not let them wander around in Wildwood Subdivision. If you do not, Animal Control will be called.

It is really bad when a city like Hinesville, near a military base, decides to only help minority kids. We should have a program for all children.

Every rental house or house that has been flipped on our court has had its polycart removed by the company that’s done the job. These construction companies should not leave the new tenants without ploycarts.

I’ve come to realize that the only criteria to becoming parapro of the month at a certain elementary school is to be a brown-noser and a member of a certain clique.

Workshop training professional development that serve catered meals for lunch should remember that are vegetarians that would also like to eat. While everyone else is eating three-course meals, vegetarians are stuck with just a salad.

Al Williams is proposing another tax on the residents of Liberty County. That is just what we need, another SPLOST. I hope it doesn’t pass.

Are there no white students at Frank Long Elementary School eligible for the leadership class? Come on, what if it was on the other hand.

It just stuns my heart that so many great teachers have left the Liberty County School System. If things don’t get better, more and more will leave. When are the board members going to wake up and listen to their constituents?

To the sheriff’s deputy driving behind me last week on Airport Road, why would you drive so close to me I could see only your windshield. At 196, you turned left. Apparently there was no emergency. I got the number off your car. You scared me.

Mr. Mayor and city council members, I’d like to know who authorized our city public works people to cut down trees, bushes and shrubs on private property along Highway 84. Is that what we do with our tax money?

I am so sick of all this stuff in Sound off about giving Trump a chance. When President Obama was elected, no one wanted to give him a chance.

I guess they are going to tax us all out of our property here. Now they want a tax for fire protection. I thought we already paid for that.

Donald Trump is going to prove to be the ruination of this nation. We’re either going to get into a war we can’t get out, or there’ll be a nuclear exchange. If not that, the economy will go down the tubes.

Where is the backbone of the Liberty County board members? Decisions are being made by one person and going unchallenged. Teachers are leaving careers they used to love.

According to the Associated Press, Trump has never been baptized or accepted Jesus as his savior. Yet, evangelicals voted for this man to run the country.

Parents, it is time for us to wake up and let our voices be heard at the board of education. We are experiencing a huge turnover of teachers and experiencing principals being switched or demoted to other schools. Our children are the ones truly suffering.

I read in the paper where these county commissioners want to add another $138 average to property owners. It’s ridiculous. They just passed the SPLOST tax. We need to load them all up and get them out of town. And get someone in there who cares about property owners.

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