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Sound off for March 20

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Now that Dr. Lee will soon no longer be superintendent, we need to shine the light on the board members, including Marcus Scott. The board needs to get their act together and act as the professionals. Now is the time for board members to do what is best for LCSS staff and students!

Liberty County let’s look at changes that need to occur. iPads should stay in schools, stop sending teachers to all these trainings, implement one initiative not eight in one year, get staff morale back where it was.

A $141,168 salary for a CFO of a 12-school system and a $21,534 pay raise in less than three years, while classroom teachers went nine years without any pay increase. That’s shameful!

My advice to men, when you have a good woman, you better hold on to her and cherish her. If only I could turn back the hands of time. I’m so miserable.

It’s appalling to see that the only school system employees guaranteed any substantial pay increase are personnel at the central office. These workers consistently never know the answer to any question on any given day, yet they teach no children, and make the most money.

Principal, did you notify law enforcement when the student was passing out pills to the other students in the classroom?

People hide behind their computer screens and type nasty messages for the Sound off. If you truly had a heart, you would say how you feel to the person you’re blasting.

Tell me why the board of education would have any attorney represent it who is not specialized in educational law, is it because he is a local boy who has returned home? Come on guys, the citizens are paying for this poor representation.

It’s time for Buddy Carter to put the country before the Republican Party and support the Protecting Our Democracy Act. This act would create a 12 member, bipartisan independent commission to investigate the Russian hacking. Don’t we want to know the truth?

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